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Ningbo-Zhoushan Port ranks No.13 among global shipping centers

The 2019 Xinhua-Baltic International Shipping Center Development Index was issued on July 11. The top five global shipping centers are Singapore, Hong Kong,London,ShanghaiandDubai.Ningbo-ZhoushanPortranks No.13 among all of the shipping centers.

Besides Shanghai and Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, the other Chinese shipping centers also included in the top 30 of the list include Guangzhou (No.16), Qingdao (No.17), Dalian (No.20), Shenzhen (No.22), Tianjin (No.240, Kaoshiung (No.25) and Xiamen (No.30).

In 2018, as the only one port with the throughput of over one billion tons in the world,Ningbo-ZhoushanPortachieved a total container throughput of over 26 million TEUs, ranking No.2 inChinaand No.3 in the world. In the first five months of this year, the volume of container throughput of the port continued to increase, with a total of 11.49 million TEUs, up by 4% over the same period of last year.

According to the latest “Development Report of Asian-Pacific Ports (2018)” issued by the APEC Port Services Network, the increase of the container throughput volume of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port is mainly due to its business cooperation with the three major shipping associations in such aspects as shipping route layout and hinterland expansion. By the end of 2018, the port has developed 246 shipping routes, including 120 trunk lines, accounting for about half of the total. Based ont eh integrated development of the marine ports of Zhejiang Province, Ningbo-Zhoushan Port has promoted such transactions as the branch line transit and sea-river joint transportation, as such supply ports along the branch lines as Jiaxing Port, Wenzhou Port, Taizhou Port and Yiwu Port helped to accumulate a large amount of container goods, which has promoted the dramatic increase of the contain throughput volume.

The sea-rail joint transportation has become an important engine for the increase of the container throughput. In 2018, Ningbo-Zhoushan Port opened nine sea-rail joint transportation routes, increased the operation frequency of existing freight trans, and opened the first double-decker freight train line for sea-rail joint transportation, thus expanding its source of container goods further into the inland regions. So far, there have been seven sea-rail transportation routes with the monthly capacity of 5,000 TEUs. Among others, the train to Yiwu has a regular monthly capacity of over 10,000 TEUs, becoming the top one sea-rail joint transportation train.

Shipping and related economic activities have become an important index to measure the docking between a city and the global economy. In recent years, with the deepened win-win cooperation with the “Belt and Road” countries and regions,Ningbohas been constantly optimizing the business environment of the open and highly efficient port, and has made remarkable achievements in such aspects as cargo throughput, container throughput volume, smart port construction and shipping service capacity. Especially since the proposal of “constructing an international port city” announced at the 13th party congress ofNingbo, theNingbo-ZhoushanPorthas accelerated its construction of the international shipping hub port

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