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Ningbo to become a national music industrial base

Jiangbei District and Beida Jade Bird Cultural Industry Group signed the cooperative agreement on the construction of the national music industrial base in Ningbo, to build the Ningbo Music Port, a music culture and tourism zone integrating music, tourism and fashion industry. According to the agreement, the headquarter base of the national movie theatre chain, Ningbo Music Park and Chinese Music Industry Business Center will settle down in Jiangbei District. 
As is reported, the official signing of the agreement is a major step of transforming the Ningbo Music Port from the planning to the reality. 
According to Xu Xiaofeng, a prominent musician and Chairman of the Board of the Beida Jade Bird Cultural Industry Group, the national music industrial base has long been planned by the group and now it will settle down in Ningbo. In the future, the headquarter of the "youth entertainment group", which aims to go public, will be built in Jiangbei District, and the Xiaofeng Music Society will hold high-end concerts at the Ningbo Music Port regularly. 
The "original music tribute ceremony", a state-level music event held every two years, will also settle down in Ningbo Grand Theatre, according to Xiang Lei, President of the Beida Jade Bird Group. As the only industry-oriented awarding event, the ceremony is held to award the music producers, composers, singers, singing bands, music enterprises, music festivals, music performance, music programs and music media that have made great contribution to the music field. 
As a major part of the national music industrial base construction, Ningbo Music Park will be built at the Sunhu Tourist Resort. The outdoor music festival square will be built at the park, where outdoor music shows will be held regularly. Besides, the Chinese Music Industrial Exchange Center will be introduced to the national music industrial base to combine the online and offline business, thus building Jiangbei District as a music-centered cultural industrial cluster platform

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