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“It's really worth the trip”

Italian doctors flew to Ningbo to learn acupuncture

“I learned a lot here and was exposed to a lot of TCM that I had never tried before. It's really worth the trip. Zion Levy said.

Zion Levy is from the University Hospital of Siena, Tuscany, Italy, and is a doctor with 30 years of experience in anesthesia. In mid-June, he and his colleague, orthopedic surgeon Nicola Mondanelli, came to Ningbo Second Hospital for exchange and study. The two-week study was short, but both doctors said they had benefited from bringing back their advanced technology and experience.

As an anesthesiologist, Zion Levy heard about acupuncture in China early on and was fascinated by it. “We have a clinical acupuncture anesthesia technique that was developed on the basis of acupuncture therapy in China.”

It is understood that today, in Siena University Hospital, in addition to daily anesthesia work, Zion Levy will open acupuncture clinics 4 times a week, and about 40 patients a week will do acupuncture treatment. He said that at the University Hospital of Siena, he was the only one who mastered acupuncture techniques, and that there were very few doctors who could perform acupuncture treatment throughout Tuscany, and he lacked colleagues to communicate with.

“I have long believed that to master the essence of acupuncture, you must come to China to learn! Because you can get theoretical knowledge from books, but practical experience must be learned from these most orthodox Chinese medicine practitioners. Therefore, I am really honored that Ningbo Second Hospital invited me to visit the site this time. “

It is understood that after coming to Ningbo Second Hospital, Zion Levy is not only keen to learn from the doctors of acupuncture, but also actively consults with doctors in traditional Chinese medicine and rehabilitation. In the process of humbly seeking advice, he learned about wax therapy technology from Chief Chinese Medicine Physician Zhu Junling, the head of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and soon immersed himself in it.

In the treatment room, Zhu Junling taught Zion Levy how to apply heated wax layer by layer to the patient's affected area, and patiently explained to him the principle of wax therapy and the conditions it adapted to. Seeing that many patients felt relaxed after wax treatment, Zion Levy exclaimed: “I didn't expect heated wax to be used like this!” He said that in the future, he will definitely practice more and strive to use wax therapy on patients in his hometown as soon as possible to help them better resolve their pain.

Like Zion Levy, Nicola Mondanelli has also made many doctor friends in Ningbo in the past two weeks. He observed various surgeries performed by orthopedic surgeons in the Department of Orthopedics of Ningbo Second Hospital up close, and had in-depth exchanges with them, which further broadened his horizons

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