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" Miyanishi Tatsuya dinosaur healing trip" launched on August 11th

How was the Tyrannosaurus written by Miyanishi Tatsuya born and how did he embark on the road of illustration? On the afternoon of August 9th, the opening ceremony of "Dinosaur healing trip of Miyanishi Tatsuya " and the opening of the media in the U Space of Ningbo Cultural Square were held as scheduled. These questions were answered at the scene.    

This is not only the first overseas exhibition of Miyanishi Tatsuya's works, but also the creative presentation of his illustration series and immersive scenes. However, affected by the typhoon "Lekima", the exhibition originally scheduled to open on August 10 was postponed to the public on August 11.

Japan’s famous illustration writer Miyanishi Tatsuya was also nicknamed “Mr. Congratulations” by Chinese readers. Since 2003, seven dinosaur series illustrations have been published in China: “You look like delicious”, “I am Tyrannosaurus”, “You are so good”, "Love you forever" "I love you" ,"It’s so good to have met you" ,"Favorite, it is me." The cool and gentle Tyrannosaurus not only appealed to children, but also touched countless parents. The exhibition will feature more than a hundred dinosaur series illustrations and manuscripts from Miyanishi Tatsuya, including more than 50 complete pencil scripts. According to the organizer, the exhibition has been in preparation for more than a year. The precious manuscripts are all shipped from Japan. Miyanishi Tatsuya   will also appear on the exhibition site on August 31. "This is the first foreign exhibition of his dinosaur series. The first stop of the world's first exhibition is Ningbo."

There are 9 exhibition areas in the exhibition. The “Dinosaur Dad's Footprint” discloses the family life photos of Miyanishi Tatsuya from childhood to youth,the mentality before the fame, his work platform, and the stationery that the painter loves, his favorite books and the manuscript recorded at any time. The next new book of the artist is "I am a panda". What will the cute giant panda look like under the "Dinosaur Daddy"?    It is worth looking forward to. "The Birth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex" shows the creation techniques of Tyrannosaurus Rex, including pencil manuscripts, color drawings and the evolution of four-color printing; the "Lovely Dinosaur" exhibition area presents original paintings of other dinosaur characters such as the small Ankylosauruses, elasmosauruses, homealocephales, and toothless pterosaurias. There is also a large graffiti wall for children to play. The custom-made tyrannosaurus shape with red fruit is a nice point to take pictures. Wearing headphones, you can also hear the dinosaur story told by the famous announcer “Daddy Qian’er” ...the rich experience project is to let friends young and old devote themselves to this "healing journey".

This exhibition will last until October 13

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