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WIT120 enters new era in Ningbo

The development of the digital economy has broken the spatial limitations of the distribution of resources and make the convenient services available to more people, which is especially prominent in the medical field.

In 2019, the Affiliated Hospital of Medical School of Ningbo University became the first “Internet of Things hospital” in Ningbo. Currently, the project has been completed and put into use.

According to Director Shen of the Information Center of the hospital, the first phase of the Internet of Things project is built in accordance with the real demands of the patients and the hospital itself, which is also the reason to build the Internet of Things hospital.

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" Miyanishi Tatsuya dinosaur healing trip" launched on August 11th

How was the Tyrannosaurus written by Miyanishi Tatsuya born and how did he embark on the road of illustration? On the afternoon of August 9th, the opening ceremony of "Dinosaur healing trip of Miyanishi Tatsuya " and the opening of the media in the U Space of Ningbo Cultural Square were held as scheduled. These questions were answered at the scene.    

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Delegation of International Taichi Federation comes to Ningbo

The delegation of International Taichi Federation visited Ningbo Pewter Museum and Ningbo Iron Museum on the morning of April 8. They experienced the Chinese traditional items displayed in the museums and exchanged with the Chen's Taichi Association of Ningbo

2 Sports Trails Completed in Tianyige-Moon Lake Scenic Area

On May 29, 2018, two sports routes in Tianyige-Moon Lake was completed. Ms Zhang, a citizen who are keen on morning exercise. “We can appreciate the beautiful view and cultural atmosphere while exercising, with a refreshed and peaceful mind.”

Starting from Tianyige- Moon Lake West Square, the first ring-shaped route is about 2.2 kilometers’ long, covering a few blocks and ending at Moon Lake West Square. The second one is about 3.6 kilometers’ long.

An official from Tianyige-Moon Lake Scenic Committee said, all kinds of pavilion and stone benches were available in the scenic area, where citizens could relax after sports. There are one tourist center and five visitor service centers, which were equipped with seats and drinking fountains

Ningbo Tightens Agricultural Products Supervision

On Aug. 12th, about 200 supervisors of agricultural products from across the country gathered in Fenghua to participate in a training session for agricultural regulation. During the session, the unique “Fenghua Mode” won wide acclaim.

In recent years, Ningbo has established a preliminary information platform monitoring the quality and safety of agricultural products in a sign of tightening agricultural control. In 2015, Fenghua was listed in the first crop of counties foregrounded for the quality and safety of their agricultural products, and other counties including Yuyao, Ninghai, Xiangshan and Zhenhai were also named model counties for product safety. The agricultural products in Ningbo continued to improve in both quality and safety. During the year, it has conducted over 5500 spot checks which showed a general 99% pass rate.

In particular, the session introduced the special mode and innovative solutions adopted by Fenghua. It’s reported that to ensure smooth operation, Fenghua channeled 1.5 million yuan every year and set up relevant systems tightening agricultural products supervision. So far, Ningbo has formed three supervision teams that respectively check the origin, monitor the process and test the products on sale.

Cheng Jingen, deputy director of Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Supervison and Qian Yongzhong, director of Research Center of Agricultural Products Standard extolled the methods and experience of Fenghua as taking the lead nationwide and worth modelling after.

Vice mayor Lin Jinguo said that Ningbo would seize the opportunity to learn from other cities in pursuit of stronger agricultural products supervision for higher safety and quality, further boosting modern agriculture

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