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Strategic emerging industries grow rapidly in Ningbo

The AioT enterprise intelligent IOT robot project has cooperated with Yuyao County and Shouyi Fengguang new energy technology project has settled down in Zhenhai District. Recently, the “Investment in Ningbo” docking meeting for central enterprises and famous enterprises was held in Beijing, leading to 17 investment and cooperation intention projects, with a total investment of 16 billion yuan (including a foreign investment of $1.06 billion), involving such fields as new energy, new materials, marine equipment, information technology, robotics, biomedicine and smart transportation, with the focus on the development of strategic emerging industries.

The strategic emerging industries represent the direction of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and are key areas for cultivating new driving forces for development and gaining new competitive advantages in the future, with enormous development potential. The Ningbo Municipal Party Committee attaches great importance to the cultivation and growth of strategic emerging industries. In recent years, Ningbo has focused on building a modern industrial system, accelerating the construction of a “361” trillion level industrial clusters, and achieving rapid development of strategic emerging industries.

Data show that the output value of strategic emerging industries and the added value of industries above designated size in Ningbo have increased from 222.4 billion yuan and 43.7 billion yuan in 2015 to 641.1 billion yuan and 137.4 billion yuan respectively in 2022, with the annual growth rates of 16.3% and 17.9%, becoming important engines supporting Ningbo’s economic growth.

At present, the development of strategic emerging industries is at an important juncture of seizing the commanding heights and leaping to higher levels. Ningbo continues to make efforts in scientific and technological innovation resources, technological innovation, and enterprise cultivation, laying a solid foundation for the growth of strategic emerging industries.

Ningbo’s strategic technological strength continues to enhance. In August of this year, the first batch of provincial-level deepening pilot projects for innovation were announced by the province, and the project of “supporting high-quality development of Yongjiang River Science and Technology Innovation Zone with a community of science, education, and industry” in Ningbo was included in the list. As a major landmark project planned and built in Ningbo, the Yongjiang River Science and Technology Innovation Zone has carried countless expectations since its debut. As the only provincial laboratory in the field of new materials in the region, Yongjiang River Laboratory has established 10 research centers and successively introduced 16 research teams, achieving a number of scientific research results in such fields as basic materials and intelligent manufacturing. Ningbo Oriental University of Technology (temporary name) has attracted the joining of 47 core teaching and research talents, including seven academicians.

According to a related person in charge of Ningbo Municipal Development and Reform Commission, to achieve technology-driven high-quality development, Ningbo will continue to focus on the forefront of technology, achievement transformation, and future industrial layout, open up new fields, and transform more samples into products and more scientific research teams into technological enterprises

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