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Tailored clearance "secrets" accelerate enterprise development

These are the duty-free equipment that we just imported a few days ago and can enjoy a tax reduction of over 800000 yuan. "At the production site of Forehope Electronics (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., the company's business manager pointed to the integrated circuit testing machines and said," The second phase project is about to be completed, and 150 more such equipment are needed. At that time, this real cash reduction can also benefit enterprises

The vigorous development of enterprises is closely related to their own "core technology" and also to the strong support of the local government.

According to statistics, from January to April this year, the value of imported semiconductor manufacturing equipment in Yuyao was 370 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.5 times.

As of now, there are 219 "specialized, refined, and innovative" enterprises in the five major industrial fields of Yuyao City, including key infrastructure, new materials, automotive manufacturing, high-end equipment, and electronic information, becoming the main force of the "35" trillion level industrial cluster. Last year, there were 13 new national level specialized and specialized "Little Giant" enterprises added, ranking second in Ningbo in terms of quantity. Last year, 4 national champion enterprises (products) were added, ranking first in Ningbo in terms of quantity. 7 "specialized, refined, and innovative" enterprises have been listed

In recent years, Yuyao Customs, affiliated with Ningbo Customs, has tailored customs clearance "secrets" for private high-tech enterprises in its jurisdiction, focusing on the difficulties and pain points that private high-tech enterprises face in their operation and development. It has opened service options such as local inspection, rapid customs clearance, and overtime appointment, facilitating the development of private enterprises. It is reported that from January to April this year, private high-tech enterprises in Yuyao exported 2.05 billion yuan and imported 960 million yuan, with year-on-year growth of 10.7% and 70.3% respectively

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