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Ningbo Liaison Offices in Warsaw and Athens unveiled

Ningbo expands its business relation after holding the exhibition in Poland

It is learned from the Ningbo’s delegation in Europe that the Ningbo Liaison Office in Warsaw and the Ningbo Liaison Office in Athens, Greece have been unveiled, which will help accelerate Ningbo's high-level opening up.

On May 30th local time, witnessed by Yanus Piechoczynski, former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland and Chairman of the Polish Asian Chamber of Commerce, the Ningbo Liaison Office in Warsaw held an unveiling ceremony at the Warsaw China Mall. Subsequently, on June 2nd local time, the unveiling ceremony of the Ningbo Liaison Office in Athens, Greece was held at the China Greece Investor Federation. More than 50 representatives from the Ningbo delegation and departments such as the Attica Provincial Government, Athens Municipal

Government, and the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry attended the event on that day.

At present, Ningbo has established liaison offices in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, and Greece. 9 liaison offices have formed a chain, which has fully exerted their functions and substantial results have been achieved. As a result, a work network of Ningbo that covers the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe with key countries as nodes has been built

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