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The Study of "Sea Silk" in Ningbo Has Added New Achievements, and the Book Tian Tong Temple and the Ancient Maritime Silk Road Was Published

A few days ago, one of the Ningbo Museum's Maritime Silk Road research series, Tiantong Temple and the Ancient Maritime Silk Road, was published by Zhejiang Ancient Books Publishing House. Written by Mo Yida, deputy director of the Maritime Silk Road Research Center of the Ningbo Museum, the book sorted out the development of Tian Tong Temple and expounded the exchange between Tian Tong Temple and Japanese Buddhist culture, which is a new achievement of the "Sea Silk" study in our city.

Mo Yida said that Tiantong Temple occupies an important position in the study of the Ningbo Maritime Silk Road, which involves the dissemination of Buddhist ideas, the exchange of personnel and monks, the dissemination of architectural art, and the influence of folk customs. However, because more people only focus on the highlights and lack basic research, Mo Yida decided to start from the monk examination and restore the status and role of Tiantong Temple in the dissemination of Zen Buddhism in China and Japan.

Tiantong Temple and the Ancient Maritime Silk Road totals 600,000 words, tracing back to the legend of the "Taibai Jingshe" in the Western Jin Dynasty to the end of the Yuan and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, taking the time line to comprehensively sort out the

abbot of Tiantong Temple, the monks of Tiantong Temple who crossed east to Japan and the Japanese monks who came to Tiantong Temple to seek Dharma and Zen, examine their experiences, and study and analyze their Buddhist ideas and Zen systems according to the quotations

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