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Seven works won the award for folk literature and art

The list for the 10th Mountain Flower Award for China folk literature and art was announced recently, and seven pieces of works from Ningbo have the honor to get the award, which made Ningbo the city with the most awards. This is the first time for Ningbo to get a "grand slam" in all the main award items, such as Academic Book Award, Folk Literature Award, Folk Art Performance Award and Folk Arts and Crafts Award.

It is reported that the seven winners are as follows: the 300,000-word book "On Butterfly Lovers Culture", co-authored by the butterfly lovers culture expert Zhou Jingshu and Shi Xiaofeng, and "Cultural Memory of Cicheng Rice Cake", a book composed by writer Wang Jing in three years, both got the Academic Book Award; "East China Sea Dragon Dancing", performed by the East China Sea dragon-dancing team, got the Folk Art Performance Award; the "teeth playing" show performed by Ninghai Ping Tune Opera team got the Unique Folk Artistry Award; the gold and silver colored embroidery "Ningbo Picture", produced by Qiu Zhuqun, and the eaglewood woodcarving "Wishful Ginseng" by Chen Mingwei, both got the Folk Arts and Crafts Award; and the "Ten Mile Marriage Parade Legends", composed by Liu Shangcai, got the Folk Literature Award. All these awarded works symbolize Ningbo's success in the fields of folk literature, arts and crafts. They are undoubtedly distinctive representatives of the fruitful achievements of Ningbo in building the strong cultural city and implementing the strategy of creating cultural masterpieces, and a major breakthrough of the creative efforts in creating the fine folk culture works.

It is also learnt that the winners are all key projects supported by Ningbo Federation of Literature in its strategy of fine literature and art works, and many of them have the unprecedented academic achievements in their respective fields. Specifically speaking, "On Butterfly Lovers Culture" is the first piece of comprehensive academic works in the study of the Butterfly Culture. It systematically discussed the origin and heritage of the culture and unprecedentedly proposed the concept of the Butterfly Culture system. "Cultural Memory of Cicheng Rice Cake", based on this specific Cicheng cultural phenomenon, made a solid field research and gave it a deep cultural interpretation. It sets a good example on how to gain insight in a small research topic. "Ten Mile Marriage Parade Legends" embodies the unique marriage traditions and culture in Ninghai County in a folklore form. It shows the typical marriage culture in the South area of the Yangtze River by presenting people all the articles a woman may bring to her husband's and the grand marriage scene through the narration of the typical marriage ceremony in Ninghai County. The gold and silver colored embroidery "Ningbo Picture" is a combination of creativity and innovation in terms of embroidering style. All the diversified embroidering stitches of the clothes of characters and unique way of picturing architectures make it a masterpiece of embroidery combining the traditional and modern crafts

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