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Tourist Festival brings consumption of 7.8 billion yuan

On November 23, it is learnt from Ningbo Tourism Bureau that the two-month Ningbo Tourist Festival stimulated the tourist consumption with a total value of 7.8 billion yuan. This year's Festival also extended the traditional "golden week" and "golden month" for Ningbo tourism into "golden quarter".

Statistics show that the 2011 Ningbo Tourist Festival brought into Ningbo 9.2 million tourists home and abroad, 4.31 million of which were received during the golden week of October, when the total tourist revenue reached 3.175 billion yuan. Since 2008, the Tourist Festival has brought about 26 million tourists to Ningbo with a total tourist revenue of 23.1 billion yuan.

According to the international convention, when the per capita GDP surpasses $3,000, tourism will usher in an explosive growth. Last year, the per capita GDP in Ningbo surpassed $10,000, up to the level of an upper developed country, and the tourist expenses grew fairly rapidly.

Nowadays, tourism for Ningbo citizens has demonstrated a feature of diversification, individuality and leisure-orientation. All kinds of traveling, such as traveling abroad, walking the ancient road, mountaineering, riding bicycles, taking vacations, sea fishing and hot spring spas, are springing up. According to the statistics from Ningbo Tourist Bureau, the number of tourists traveling abroad in way of package tour arranged by travel agencies reached 260,000 last year

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