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Subsidies for Fuel-efficient Cars Cancelled

Since the implementation of the new subsidy policy on October 1st, most of the fuel-efficient cars can no longer receive sales subsidies worth 3000 yuan. A car dealer said that further measures would be taken after this holiday.


A billboard stood conspicuously against the door of Beijing Hyundai 4S shop, telling customers the cancel of energy subsidy. A sales consultant said there was a spurt in sales from mid to late September and subsidized cars such as Elantra and Rena were quite popular. The shop got an extra supply from manufacturers, enabling customers to get their cars before the end of September.

BYD Company has stopped the subsidy as well. “We were informed in September, so we started to promote sales and the sales increased by 30% than last month.” said Zhou Yong, a customer manager of a BYD shop.


Sales languished as car market lagged behind after the cancellation of subsidies.  “After all, 3000 yuan is not a small amount for cars less than 100,000 yuan.” said Mr. Zhong, “ The sales are expected a turnaround next month when customers get used to buy cars without energy subsidies. “


According to the sales consultant of FAW-Volkswagen 4S shop, many manufactures were likely to offer some targeted subsidies after the week-long holiday.


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