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2012 Civil Service Exam kicks off

On Monday, It was learned from State Administration of Civil Service that China's civil service examination and appointment would kick off in mid-October.


The exam procedures include releasing recruitment notices, registration, qualification checkups, written examination, physical examination, publicity and so on. The recruitment notices will be released in mid-October, followed by registration and qualification checkups.


According to Huatu, a civil service exam training company, the examination time will be around late November or early December this year. The registration lasts from mid-October to last October.  The 2012 exam will continue to provide more chances for the grass roots.


In 2012, the number of college graduates will hit a record high, reaching over 7 million.  It is estimated that the number of registration may also be the highest.


More than one million people have passed the qualification checkups over the past three years. Since the recruitment number is limited, applicants face fierce competition. One Chinese saying compares the exam to a stampede of “thousands of soldiers and tens of thousands of horses across a single log bridge”.


Yu Hongze, a senior consultant of Huatu said that working in company would encounter fierce competition. More and more gold-bowl seekers choose to take the civil service exam.


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