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“Our Own Fair” launched

With the intangible cultural heritage display, the public welfare volunteer services, and the specialty food tasting activity, “Our Own Fair”, as well as the “civilized fair for common prosperity”, was launched at the Ningfeng Community of Dongjiao Sub-district of Yinzhou District on the afternoon of January 24, which attracted a number of citizens.

Reportedly, the theme event of “Our Own Fair” is one of the series of civilization cultivation activities sponsored by the municipal Civilization Office. It is an innovative measure to deepen the promotion of the cultivating action of the citizens’ civilization quality, as well as an effective carrier of close and integrated learning and practice of etiquette. With the “civilized practice + fair” model, the promotion of civilization and etiquette cultivation are integrated into various fairs, so as to provide people opportunities to experience the atmosphere of etiquette and cultivate the civilized temperament in an immersive way, thus promoting people’s strive to become civilized and courteous citizens.

On the Ningfeng Road, the red lanterns are hung high, and the fair is incredibly lively with such a large crowd. At the fair, various specialty products are neatly arranged, and volunteers provide citizens with various public welfare services such as dental examinations, blood pressure measurements, haircuts, and legal consultations.

At the opening ceremony, the 100 boutique fairs of the series activities in 2024 were officially released. With the customized “exclusive feasts”, the “civilized vendors” and the digitized services, the activities will be more regular, the services more precise, and the forms more diverse, allowing citizens to enjoy a civilized practice feast at their doorstep. In addition, the list of the partners to the “civilized fair for common prosperity”of Yinzhou District was also announced at the fair.

At the fair, there are not only street dance, recitation, Yue opera, and singing, but also the interactive Q&A sessions full of civilized elements, the civilization-themed clapper talk performance, the exhibitions of civilized etiquette exercises and art works, which will bring about unique experiences to citizens.

As is known, the “civilized fair for common prosperity” event will gradually launch a series of theme activities with wide participation, strong experience, and great influence. With considerate measures and warm services, more residents will truly enjoy the activities

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