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"Four Projects" assists Ningbo's Economic Take-off

The construction of Zhenhai Port District, Zhejiang Oil Refinery, Zhenhai Power Plant, Zhenhai Qingshuipu Fishery Base, which sprouted in the 1970s and concentrated in Zhenhai, are collectively called the "four projects." The total investment in infrastructure has reached RMB800 million. A group of photos of Zhejiang Oil Refinery are kept in the Municipal Archives.

In 1973, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee put forward the policy of "simultaneous development of kerosene" and decided to build a fuel-based refinery capable of processing 2.5 million tons of crude oil per year. In January 1974, the Revolutionary Committee of Zhejiang Province formally reported to the State Planning Commission of the "Request for Approval of Zhejiang Oil Refinery Design Tasks". Immediately, the Ministry of Fuel and Chemical Industry held a ministerial meeting and agreed to the construction of a Zhejiang oil refinery plan, which was reported to the State Council. Under the guidance and help of the Ministry of Fuel Chemical Industry, Zhejiang Provincial Fuel Chemical Industry Bureau, together with relevant cities, counties and units, surveyed 17 locations along the north and

south shores of Hangzhou Bay. After repeated comparisons, Zhenhaiwantang was selected.

In 1974, the "four projects" were successively approved by the relevant state departments and construction began one after another. Since then, in order to ensure the completion of the "Four Projects" construction tasks, the Provincial Party Committee and the Prefectural Party Committee have successively established the provincial "Four Projects" Construction Battle Leading Group and the Ningbo Regional Revolutionary Committee to support the "Four Projects" Construction Office. The Ningbo Prefectural Committee also issued in 1977 the publicity outline of “Mobilize to ensure completion of Ningbo’s “four projects” construction tasks this year”, requiring extensive publicity and education to be carried out in conjunction with the implementation of the spirit of the National and Provincial Industrial Science Daqing Conference. It also calls on people to contribute to supporting the construction of the "Four Projects".

In November 1977, Ningbo Zhenhai Port was completed; in November 1978, Zhejiang Oil Refinery was completed and put into operation; in December of the same year, the first 125,000 kilowatt generator set of Zhenhai Power Plant was put into operation. In addition to the Qingshuipu Fishery Base which was listed as a national suspension project in 1980, Ningbo Port, Zhejiang Oil Refinery and Zhenhai Power Plant have all achieved sustainable development.

The construction of the "Four Projects" has led to the great development of Ningbo seaside refining, chemical, power generation, papermaking, iron and steel, ship repairing and other port industrial clusters and tertiary industries, and has greatly promoted the economic and social development of Zhejiang, especially Ningbo, and is one of the important cornerstones for the economic development of Zhejiang and Ningbo after opening up and reform

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