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Jiangbei parent-child activities allow children to enjoy a happy summer

Parents and children participate in parent-child practice activities together.

"I am too busy with work to take care of my child. He is a good boy and never complains about it, but in fact he really wants me to accompany him." They arrived at the meeting point an hour earlier.

Yesterday, under the organization of the Jiangbei District Customs Committee, migrant workers from Ningbo Deli Stationery Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Mengheng Artex Co., Ltd. and the "little migratory birds" came to the Yongyou Cultural Center to participate in the summer parent-child practice activity, which is also one of the outdoor activities of this year's "holiday school" in the district.

On that day, more than 60 children wearing little yellow hats and holding their parents' hands, fed goats on the farm, visited the dairy factory, learned milk knowledge in the milk exhibition hall, and simulated milking... During the interactive painting session, the children accompanied by their parents used colored pens to paint bright little animals. Through projection, the children's works become part of the big screen animation. "Mom, the pink piglet I painted is moving!" A child excitedly pulled his mother to watch. For "little migratory birds", summer vacation means reunion, and it is very rare to play with busy parents.

"The kid was picked up from Henan's home last night. I am very grateful to the company and Jiangbei District Customs Committee for allowing us to participate in this event. We fed the calves and lambs together. The children are very happy." Ningbo Deli Stationery Co., Ltd. Employee Xue Qiu said that her child is almost 7 years old. The long separation has made the child homesick and feel strange to his parents. She cherishes the opportunity to be with her child. This year, she is determined to bring her child to Jiangbei to study.

It is learned from the Jiangbei District Customs Committee that this year there are expected to be 100 "holiday schools" in the district, which will receive some "little migratory birds" where conditions are ripe and there is actual demand. Activities in each "holiday school" based on Jiangbei's history and culture, including outdoor activities and other study tours allow young people to learn and play while learning

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