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Yuyao's smart economy enters the fast lane of development

As a pioneer of smart pathology in China, Jiangfeng Bioinformatics Co., Ltd. takes "digital cases + AI" as the core, lays out a complete industrial chain of smart pathology, and provides the industry with all-digital smart pathology solutions and related innovative services. At present, five major business segments have been formed, including digital pathology, pathology informatization, and specimen processing. Sales this year will reach RMB100 million.

In recent years, Yuyao has accelerated innovation and reform, focusing on characteristic industries, cultivating and building industry platforms, and making every effort to promote the high-quality development of the smart economy, and the construction of the smart economy pilot zone has entered the fast lane.

Yuyao started from the top-level design, aimed at six major industries, including smart optoelectronics, smart cars and key parts, to aggregate superior resources and implement the smart economy "industrial cluster" project. In the past five years, the city’s annual financial investment in the field of intelligent economy has reached RMB500 million.

Since 2016, 29 projects have been established to undertake industrial technology research projects such as robots and intelligent equipment, and the companies’ R&D investment totals RMB550 million. There are 25 first (sets) of intelligent manufacturing products at or above the provincial level, including 6 at the national level.

Yuyao builds an industrial platform to build a nest for smart economic projects. Sino-Italian Ningbo Ecological Park and Zhejiang Yuyao Talent Pioneer Park are guided by "advanced, precise and sophisticated ", focusing on introducing emerging smart economic projects, and comprehensively promoting the agglomeration and development of high-quality smart economic enterprises; Yuyao Economic Development Zone and Yuyao Industrial Park focus on intelligent transformation and upgrading, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and forming 27 future factories and digital workshops; guided by the "intelligent industry", smart optoelectronic towns and robot smart valley towns continue to extend the smart economic industry chain and build high-level provincial characteristic small towns. At present, the characteristic industries of the two provincial-level innovative towns of Smart Optoelectronics and Robot Smart Valley have reached 90.1% and 75.6% respectively. Since the establishment of the Smart Optoelectronics Town, the total investment in fixed assets has exceeded RMB8 billion. The city is also actively promoting the construction of a vertical platform. The industrial field focuses on "5G + Industrial Internet", and promotes the implementation of industry-level industrial Internet platforms for traditional advantageous industries such as home appliances, rubber and plastic products, and molds. It has successfully created two provincial industrial Internet platforms: the industrial Internet industry-level platform for the auto parts industry and the Intelligent Industrial Internet Entrepreneur Platform. Since the beginning of this year, Yuyao's investment promotion has newly signed 10 robot and intelligent equipment projects, with a total investment of RMB1.823 billion.

Yuyao seized the opportunity of the China Robot Summit to accelerate the cultivation of high-level talents around the robots and intelligent equipment industry, and introduced 168 talent projects in the field of intelligent manufacturing. At present, there are 152 robot and intelligent equipment related enterprises in Yuyao, including 76 enterprises above designated size. The added value of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry with the robot and autonomous intelligent equipment industry as the core has increased from RMB5.59 billion in 2016 to RMB18.55 billion last year. An industrial chain integrating robot parts, complete machines, and robot systems has been formed

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