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Torch relay for Hangzhou Asian Games commences with enthusiasm

With resounding slogans such as "Hold high the torch of the Asian Games and light up the future of Xiangshan!" and "Run to the Asian Games, Go!" echoing through the air, the torch relay teams embarked on an exhilarating journey towards the Asian Games Sail Center.

On the morning of May 27, the "Run to Future, Run to the Asian Games" torch relay kicked off at Damuwan Senior High School in Xiangshan County. A total of 361 torchbearers, passing 56 unique homemade torches, enthusiastically participated in the event.

Comprising 19 relay teams, consisting of spirited headmasters, young students, and active parents, they competed with one another in an exhilarating display of energy and determination. Among the torchbearers, the oldest participant was 54 years old, while the youngest was just 9 years old. Together, they joined forces to complete the 14.5km relay journey.

After 19 rounds of the torch relay, the relay teams triumphantly reached the finishing line. Three torchbearers took center stage to light the torch, marking a significant moment of unity and celebration. Following this, students from Hai Yun Kindergarten showcased a captivating basketball exercise show.

In a mesmerizing performance, 56 student torchbearers, symbolizing the 56 ethnic groups, formed the number "19," representing the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games. This grand finale concluded the event on a successful note, creating a vibrant Asian Games atmosphere in Xiangshan County

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