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Haishu Manufacturing Company and Ali "Spring Thunder Plan" join hands

Recently, the heads of nearly 200 companies  participated in the special matchmaking meeting between Haishu manufacturing  enterprises and Alibaba’s "Spring Thunder Plan", and many of them  said that they will conduct in-depth docking and exchanges with Alibaba on  live broadcast bases and C2M reverse customization.

Affected by the epidemic and changes in the  economic situation, manufacturing companies, especially export-oriented  companies, have been greatly impacted. The instability of foreign markets and  the uncertainty of foreign orders have brought certain effects to companies.  With the strong support from the district, Haishu manufacturing companies  have continued to break through the predicament. However, problems such as  lack of orders, difficulty in recruiting, and shortage of funds still plague  some companies.

"How to strengthen the linkage with the  e-commerce platform and help enterprises accelerate the construction of a new  pattern of mutual promotion of domestic and international dual cycles is the  bottleneck that needs to be broken." The relevant person in charge of  the Haishu District Economic and Information Bureau said that Alibaba has  signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ningbo. Last month, Ningbo Ali  Center officially settled in Haishu.

According to the plan, Alibaba will carry out a  series of cooperation with Ningbo in 5 major areas and 8 specific projects.  Among them, one of the focal points of cooperation is the implementation of  the "Spring Thunder Plan 2020" in Ningbo, building a super factory  and live broadcast base with Ningbo industrial characteristics, operating an  "online exhibition" with Ningbo characteristics, building a new  digital life service system, and creating a new digital economy ecosystem.

"The cooperation with Alibaba  will kick off Haishu's multi-level promotion of e-commerce platform  empowerment." The person in charge said that Haishu will further enlarge  the role of the strict selection platform and pilot the "Strict  Selection Plan" while launching the "Spring Thunder Plan"  series of activities. At the same time, it actively responds to new consumer  needs, explores the promotion of personalized manufacturing and flexible  manufacturing, builds a number of C2M factories, organizes large-scale  commercial enterprises and foreign trade enterprises to carry out direct  purchase of orders, and helps enterprises accelerate market expansion

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