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Shenzhen (ninghai) was identified as a provincial sports and leisure town

Shenzhen town of Ninghai county, after years of efforts, has been officially recognized by the Provincial Sports Bureau as the second batch of sports and leisure towns in Zhejiang Province.

It is understood that the town has many national hiking fitness trails, of which there are dozens of main and auxiliary trails. The famous routes are as follows: Longgong - hot spring trail with a length of 13.9 kilometers, Sansheng - hot spring line with a length of 8 km, and Wusongkeng - hot spring line with a length of 11.5 km, etc.  

Ninghai also invested 150 million yuan to build a slow traffic lane from tea mountain to Hot spring, with a total length of 42.3 kilometers. It starts from Donglv Village, Qiaotouhu Street, Ninghai, and passes through Qiaotouhu, Meilin, and Shenzhen town, and ends at Ninghai Forest Hot Spring. The lane includes five main lines, using existing roadbeds, embankments, unsurfaced roads, and also adds overhead bridges, with a two-way driving width of 2.5 meters to 3.5 meters, one-way driving width of 2 meters, bicycle lane area of 115,060 square meters, driving speed of 15 kilometers one hour, about 8900 square

meters of walkway and wooden platform area. A total of 19 overhead bridges and arch bridges have been built along the way. In addition, green landscapes designed along the way such as wooden plank roads, wooden platforms, garden roads, leisure corridors, courier stations, public toilets, viewing platforms, Dongshan landscape and Huatianfan landscape. The project (Qiaotouhu to Shenzhen) is now under construction

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