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Charity sales of paintings and calligraphic works on the net to aid students from poor families

A long scroll of painting with calligraphy is paving the way for a couple of students from poor families. Recently, a poster on the townsmen website of Xiangshan, titled as "Seven talents' cooperated painting offered for sale to aid students of the hometown" has capture the attention of thousands of netizens, with click rate ranking high. A charity sales by the artistic circle of Xiangshan in under way.

On July 17, logging on the townsmen website of Xiangshan, one can see a long scroll of painting, 4,800 mm long, 425mm wide, done by seven calligraphers, painters and poets.

In the net sale, many netizens actively bid for the picture and expressed their feelings about the sale. One said: "This is an invaluable painting with love." Another said; "I've always wanted to do something for students of my hometown. Though I intended to realize the wish by bidding for the picture, the price has exceeded my ability to buy it. Now I'll try to realize it another way: whoever is the final bidder, I'll give him or her another painting of my own for free."

According to the host of the website, this is a new mode to aid students from poor families. Later on, more charitable items will be offered for sale on the net, the money from which will be solely devoted to aiding students.

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