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Sum for social relief in last year: 8 million yuan

In Kongpu Community, 111 poverty-stricken families got aided for the New Year;

residents have got consumer subsidies; people in straitened circumstances are aided with consumer subsidies; the standard of minimum living allowance has been rising; 149,000 aged people have got living subsidies; people in straitened circumstances are secured with various medical services--these are some of the improvements of the living conditions of the people in Ningbo.

Statistics show that in 2011, Ningbo spent 813,230,000 yuan on social relief.

In the year, 149,000 aged people were benefitted by the monthly subsidy of 50-300 yuan. For this program, the city paid about 74 million yuan. Some counties, cities and districts in Ningbo released even more preferential policies in this respect.

In Zhenhai and Yinzhou districts, the monthly subsidy for a centenarian is 500 yuan. In Cixi City, a person aged between 80 and 98 covered by the minimum living allowance has 30% more than the minimum living allowance. 20,317 houses of the aged people have "All-service telephones" installed for free, to ensure they are serviced in emergencies.

In Ningbo 304 rural community service centers were built or rebuilt and the rural community service centers have added up to 1,655, accounting for 70% of administrative villages.

The party committees and governments of various levels are much concerned about the lives of the poverty-stricken people, taking actions to them solve difficulties caused by consumer goods price rises.

By the end of September 201, the city for three times granted consumer subsidies. These subsidies have totaled 23,370,500 yuan, benefitting 172,227 people.

By the end of December 2011, to 43,533 households of minimum living allowance the city had dealt out 207,426,200 yuan as funds of relief, increased by 16% above the same period of the previous year

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