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The first service base for the middle-aged and elderly opens

The service base for the middle-aged and elderly in Jiangdong District was established and opened on November 1. The base, located in the Jiahe Home for the Elderly, provides people with activities such as psychological health service for the elderly, health care activities and family communication. It is actually part of the construction of the service brand of "rainbow life" by Jiangdong Population and Family Planning Bureau.

The base is composed of five sections, that is, knowledge bruise area, psychological consultation area, family communication area, game area and health care area. In the knowledge bruise area, there are over 2500 volumes of books covering a wide range of categories such as health care, popular science, literature and art. There are three computers equipped with cameras and earphone mics for the elderly to surf on line and even do video chat. As for the psychological consultation area, experts and doctors will be invited regularly to come to provide psychological consultation and guidance service for the both aged people in the Home for the Elderly and those home-based elderly. The family communication area can accommodate about 70 people to watch movies or carry out activities. The elderly can watch dramas, old films and programs introducing health care knowledge. The game area is equipped with various puzzle apparatuses, where volunteers can make performances for the elderly and play games with them. In the health care area, there is a general clinic for the elderly, and Jiangdong Community Recovery Service Centre for the Disabled, well-equipped with doctors, nurses, rehabilitators and moxibution therapists, is also located in the area

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