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60-year-old donates corneas

Last Friday, Ms. Gan Mingzhu, a 60-year-old, donated her corneas, which were later implanted into two patients with eye afflictions. Another dying wish she set is to be buried at sea. In a country where cornea donations and sea burials are uncommon, Gan's noble acts have moved many people.

At 3:30 p.m. on April 27th, Dr. Lu Bin in the Ningbo Eye Hospital received a phone call from Gan's husband. In grief, he told the doctor that his wife had just died of illness, and he asked doctors to help him to fulfill his wife’s last wish as a cornea donor. Dr. Lu Bin soon rushed to hospital and organized doctors to collect the corneas.

Ms. Gan Mingzhu, the cornea donor, was 60-year-old, and lived in Haishu District. In the eyes of her neighbours and friends, she always kept a low profile. However, her two dying wishes surprised them. Her family supported her decision and has completed her first wish. Now they are submitting applications for a sea burial for Ms. Gan.

Ms. Gan's first wish have benefited two patients with eye afflictions. After collecting the corneas, two experienced surgeons in Ningbo Eye Hospital performed corneal transplants for 49-year-old Mr. Li and 57-year-old Mr. Lai, helping them to restore eyesight.

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