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Summer Solstice Music Day comes back

On the evening of June 23, the summer solstice music day, which had been suspended for three years, was resumed, igniting this summer's music carnival.

On this year's music day, bands from France and local bands from Ningbo will work together to present an international audio-visual feast to music fans.

At the event, the band named "Indescribable" premiered its new song "I Pass through a Dream's Time", followed by such popular songs as "Finally for This Time", "We are Never the Last Ideal Youth", and "The Dance Hall for the Experienced" , which sparked a sensation from the fans.

As a key event of the annual "Sino-French Cultural Spring", the 2023 "Summer Solstice Music Day" is initiated by the Cultural Department of Shanghai General Consulate and will be held in a lot of cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Ningbo.

"By holding this summer solstice music day event, Ningbo Culture Plaza has demonstrated its unique charm as the cultural living room of the city. Next, we will continue to promote deeper cooperation between China and France in cultural exchanges and activity organization, so that citizens can enjoy more high-level, high-quality and diversified cultural activities." said a related person in charge of Ningbo Culture Plaza.

Reportedly, since 2014, Ningbo Cultural Plaza has held seven Summer Solstice Music Day activities, not only bringing a music feast to the citizens of Ningbo, but also building a base for Sino-French music and cultural exchange and collision, thus effectively promoting the cultural and artistic exchange and dialogue between China and France

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