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A special exhibition in Ningbo Art Gallery

“It’s amazing to have such a new experience of art!” Recently, a special exhibition, the exhibition of the achievements of the “Great Series of Chinese Painting”, has been held at Ningbo Art Gallery. On July 14, a special cultural art exhibition featuring the theme of “Song music in painting” thrilled the audience with the elegant culture of the Song Dynasty.

In the immersive exhibition hall of Ningbo Art Gallery, famous paintings passed down from generation to generation “became alive”, and the characters in the paintings “come to the audience” with different musical instruments. Several “ancient ladies” dressed in Han-style clothes seemed to have walked out of the painting, playing the guqin, serial bells, ruan, konghou, pipa, erhu, guzheng, and other traditional Chinese instruments.

The instrumental ensemble of “Elephant King’s Journey” kicked off the performance with a solemn echo,

followed by a majestic drum accompaniment, with crisp pipa,  resounding flute, and melodious harp accompanied by vigorous erhu, presenting a magnificent scene to the audience. The poem by pastoral poet Tao Yuanming has been widely circulated from ancient times to the present. The young performer used flexible hands to interpret this classic poem with a unique and childlike charm. The performance ended with the piece of “listening to the rain in the mid-mountain”, where the sound of harp and guqin blended. In the immersive performance, the audience gained a leisurely and light-hearted world.

According to Chen Lina, president of Zhejiang Konghou Association and planner of this immersive art activity, this performance aims to bring the characters and music in the paintings to real life, to achieve part of the “activation” of the paintings. She said that there are many excellent published proofs of famous paintings hidden in the exhibition, but they are relatively static. Through such interactive performances, the audience are able to get more intuitive and profound impression. The core artistic expression of the exhibition is to bring the cultural charm and ancient styles of the Song Dynasty to the exhibition hall

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