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2023 Ningbo Fashion Festival to be held in October

It is learned from the preparatory work meeting for the 2023 Ningbo Fashion Festival that in order to comprehensively showcase

the achievements of the consumer goods industry and promote the further development of the fashion industry, the 2023 Ningbo Fashion Festival, jointly organized by China Textile Industry Federation, Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, China Clothing Association, and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, will be held from October 19 to 21 in Ningbo.

The fashion festival is a fashion industry event held in Ningbo with high standards of hosting, large scale of participation, and wide influence. Known as Ningbo Clothes Festival founded in 1997, the festival will undergo a comprehensive renovation and upgrading this year.

Reportedly, this year’s session takes “Oriental tides and fashionable Ningbo” as its annual theme, and will be held in six halls, including four professional exhibition halls, totaling nearly 30,000 square meters, with four main theme exhibition areas: fashion pioneers, fashion power, fashion chain groups, and fashion numbers. There is also a hall for runway shows and a direct sales exhibition hall.

Through the series activities, including fashion summit, fashion exhibition, fashion forum, fashion release, and fashion engagement, the festival aims to create a professional business and communication platform for the entire fashion industry chain, thus empowering the city with fashion, embracing the future with industry, and assisting in the construction of Ningbo as the “global intelligent manufacturing and innovation capital” and the “Oriental coastal fashion capital”.

It is worth mentioning that this year’s fashion festival will introduce the “university” elements for the first time, as it will invite dozens of domestic and foreign universities to participate, including Tsinghua University, Ningbo University, Donghua University, Suzhou University, Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, Zhejiang University of Technology, as well as Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tokyo University of Arts in Japan, and German University of Applied Sciences

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