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Ningbo overseas warehouses are densely distributed around the world

“Up to now, we have helped more than 500 small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprise brands go overseas!” Yesterday, Xiang Lehong, chairman of Lege Co., Ltd., introduced that after a series of integration and expansion, Lege has set up 12 overseas warehouses around the world, covering an area of more than 270,000 square meters, while reserving more than 800 acres of land in the United States. The next step will be to build overseas warehouses in batches, striving to further exert the ecological effect of large-scale operation of overseas warehouses and better empower the high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce.

Lege's accelerated entry into the new track of overseas warehouses is a vivid portrayal of Ningbo's initiative under the adversity of foreign trade.

Today, in accordance with the deployment requirements of the municipal party committee to build a high-level opening up pioneer city in an all-round way and strive to be the vanguard of the “sweet potato economy” to upgrade energy, Ningbo closely relies on the “maximum resources” of the port, gives full play to the “greatest advantage” of opening up, and takes the construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone as a demonstration and guidance, and constantly promotes the innovation of new formats and models of foreign trade.

Among them, the export overseas warehouse business, which represents the “new model” and “new strength”, is becoming a new force for the development of Ningbo's foreign trade.

According to the latest statistics, Ningbo enterprises have built and operated 212 overseas warehouses, with a total area of 3.34 million square meters. Among them, 450,000 square meters of new area were added last year. Echoing this, Ningbo achieved cross-border e-commerce import and export volume of 200.56 billion yuan last year, an increase of 12.3%.

“Looking back at the development trajectory of overseas warehouses in Ningbo, a wonderful node is 2016.” The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduced that that year, “overseas warehouse” was written into the “Government Work Report” for the first time. Also that year, Ningbo was approved as a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone. Since then, the three words of “overseas warehouse” have been accompanied by the strong “outlet” of cross-border e-commerce.

First of all, further optimize the warehousing and logistics system. As early as before the epidemic, Ningbo encouraged cross-border e-commerce platforms and leading “chain master” enterprises to provide professional services in public overseas warehouses, as well as powerful industry and trade integrated enterprises to build their own overseas warehouses for their own use to improve the cross-border logistics supply chain. After the outbreak of the epidemic, when global consumers accelerated their online migration and the logistics chain of international goods supply chain was not smooth, Ningbo enterprises represented by Zhongji, Lege, Heuer and so on gave full play to their advantages, took the initiative to seek changes, actively deployed and expanded overseas warehouse business, and drove Ningbo public overseas warehouse construction to be at the forefront of the province. Among them, TAG Heuer's platform-based overseas warehouse was selected as the first batch of 7 excellent overseas warehouse practice cases of the Ministry of Commerce and promoted to the whole country.

In just a few years, Ningbo has formed an overseas warehouse construction pattern with international logistics enterprises as the mainstay, cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service platform enterprises as the supplement, cross-border e-commerce enterprises and foreign trade enterprises participating together.

Second, open up new marketing ideas in the face of adversity. “Jumping out of Zhejiang” is for “developing Zhejiang”. As a supporting warehousing industry, the rapid expansion of overseas warehouses is ultimately to service marketing. Based on high-quality industrial belts, Ningbo focuses on cross-border transformation, cross-border product selection and cross-border operations, relying on overseas warehouses and independent stations to carry out overseas logistics distribution, marketing promotion and comprehensive services, and vigorously promote the in-depth overseas expansion of manufacturing brands. At present, Ningbo has 187 “Zhejiang export famous brands” within the validity period, ranking first in the province; Zhejiang cross-border e-commerce exported 37 well-known brands, accounting for 20.4% of the province.

As a new type of foreign trade infrastructure, overseas warehouse not only becomes a storage base for domestic cross-border e-commerce, greatly shortens the logistics time and transportation cost of goods, but also becomes a commodity after-sales service base, enhancing the competitiveness of the international market made in China.

“Focusing on the 'sweet potato economy' to upgrade 'No. 1 Open Project', Ningbo is vigorously implementing a new round of foreign trade strength and benefit projects to promote the innovation and development of cross-border e-commerce, especially to accelerate the construction of new foreign trade infrastructure such as 'two warehouses and one station' of overseas warehouses, front warehouses and independent stations, and make cross-border e-commerce export overseas warehouses bigger, stronger and better.” The head of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce said

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