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Ningbo to set up inbound tourism stores in Bulgaria

At 6 pm local time on February 27, the cultural tourism promotion conference of Beijing and Ningbo (two cities along the Grand Canal) was held in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The purpose of this event is to publicize the historical origin of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the cultural charm of Beijing and Ningbo, and to boost the cooperation in the tourism field between China and Bulgaria.

Sofia is 10,571 kilometers away from Ningbo, but the two cities have a long history of interaction. In 2015, Ningbo-CEEC Tourism Cooperation and Exchange Conference launched the activity of “1,000 Ningbo people traveling to Central and Eastern Europe”. In 2016, Ningbo was elected as the “capital of East Asian culture”, and started the dialogue with such “capitals of European culture” such as Provdiv of Bulgaria. In 2019, Ningbo launched the plan of “1000 Ningbo people in 100 tourist groups visiting Bulgaria”.

The white crab and yellow croaker dishes, and such special gifts from Ningbo as Yue Kiln celadon and tea appeal greatly to the local people of Sofia.

Ningbo food tasting and lottery draw were specially set up at the promotion meeting, which pushed the atmosphere to a climax. “Ningbo is quite attractive with its cultural and tourist resources, and we hope to promote the cooperation in tourism between the two cities.” said some of the participants of the meeting.

The promotion meeting is fruitful. Among others, Luxutour BG Co., Ltd. and Golive Co., Ltd. decided on the spot to serve as the inbound tourism exclusive stores for Ningbo in Bulgaria. They will promote Ningbo’s tourism promotional film, the overseas version of the promotional guide and hand-painted maps of Ningbo, Ningbo’s food atlas, Ningbo’s tourism route DM leaflets and other promotional materials to the public in their business, and recommend the cultural and tourist products of Ningbo to the people of Central and Eastern Europe. That is to say,  Ningbo, which is over ten thousand kilometers away, will become “within reach” for the Bulgarian people

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