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Hundreds of business groups to go out for more foreign investment

Hundreds of business teams involving over 1000 enterprises and more than 10,000 personnel will be organized from next April to go out to develop the overseas market, attract foreign investment, and boost the quality of opening up, the authority announced yesterday afternoon.

 Under the implication of unexpected factors such as global inflation and energy crisis, this year witnessed unprecedented pressure on the city's foreign trade and foreign investment, arousing the urgent demands from foreign trade enterprises to stabilize orders and expand the market. However, many players remain apprehensive about "going out".

 In response to their calling for expanding market, stabilizing orders, protecting entities, and promoting business projects, the city releases a systematic initiative - “Hundreds of Business Groups, Thousands of Enterprises, Ten Thousand of Personnel" to expand the market and attract foreign investment. On the government’s initiative, departments of business, public security, immigration, finance, foreign affairs, investment, medicare, transportation, and cultural tourism collaborate to help enterprises seize policy opportunities and improve the quality of offline "face-to-face" exchanges. By promoting the economic and trade cooperation and exchanges across the whole city, the business economic indicators will be driven forward and to further stabilize the basis of open-up economy.

 As of the end of November, 263 business groups have been registered across the city. Among them, 167 exhibition teams will be sent to the United States, Germany and Japan and other 20 countries (regions), to participate in the 8th Saudi Arabia China Brand Commodity Intelligence Exhibition, the 13th China (UAE) Trade Fair and other 98 well-known international exhibitions; 84 enterprise groups will visit customers in Asia, Europe, America and other places.

 It is reported that the city will win 10 billion dollars of new foreign trade orders by nest April, thus Ningbo will occupy more share of the global foreign trade, attain another 200,000 square meters of overseas warehouse, and promote the Chinese investment in the annual record (approved) to reach 2 billion U.S. dollars and the actual utilization of foreign investment to 4 billion U.S. dollars

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