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The First Batch of Live Filipino Yellow Eels Arrived in Ningbo

On December 1, a batch of live yellow eels from the Philippines arrived at Ningbo Lishe International Airport, and after being inspected by Ningbo Airport Customs, it was quickly sent to the seafood market in the Yangtze River Delta region for sale. It is understood that this batch of yellow eels totaled 585 boxes, 17.2 tons, which is the first batch of Philippine live yellow eels imported from Ningbo Airport and Port.

"Because of Philippine eating habits and other reasons, the local people do not eat much yellow eel, so the local yellow eel supply is more, not only is the size thicker than the domestic yellow eel, the large one weighs 0.5 kilograms, and the price is generally cheaper than the domestic one." Philippine yellow eel sales are still quite large in China, so it is expected that it will enter the domestic market through Ningbo Airport three times a week in the future. Jia Fengming, head of Ningbo Jiirong Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd., introduced.

It was learned from Ningbo Airport Customs that this year, Ningbo Customs has vigorously promoted the development of international cargo routes, and has previously supported the increase of scheduled full-freighter routes to 5, and this time further encrypts the Ningbo to Manila full-freighter routes in the Philippines, which is conducive to fully tapping the market potential in Southeast Asia and helping Ningbo's economic and social development.

"The inbound goods are mainly chilled aquatic products such as yellow eel and fish in the country, and the outbound goods are mainly e-commerce goods and general goods. After the opening of fixed routes, these 'foreign seafood' will also become 'frequent customers' at Ningbo Airport, providing richer choices for the Chinese table. Ningbo Customs staff said

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