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IFAM (International Forum on Advanced Material) convened

On October 17, the opening ceremony of IFAM 2021 (International Forum on Advanced Materials and 2021 China (Ningbo) International Forum on New Materials and Industrialization was held in Ningbo. A total of more than 1,500 people, including nearly 30 academicians in domestic materials and related fields, more than 400 well-known materials experts, more than 1,100 scholars in materials and related fields, and industry representatives, gathered to discuss and exchange the frontier development and research results in the new materials field.

Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Academician Xu Nanping of Nanjing University of Technology, Academician Chen Jianfeng, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Secretary-General of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Academician Xue Qunji of the Ningbo Institute of Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the meeting.

Academician Xue Qunji delivered an opening speech as the chairman of the forum. He said that materials are a milestone in the progress of human civilization and a material basis. Materials science and technology are not only basic disciplines, but also have the endowment that is highly intersected and integrated with other disciplines. Ningbo bears the country's expectations and responsibilities in the innovation of new materials, and this forum is at the right time.

In the lecture session, Academician Xu Nanping gave a keynote speech on the topic of "On Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality". He said that the peak of carbon means the decoupling of economic and social development and the use of carbon-containing mineral resources; carbon neutrality means that economic and social development is completely free of carbon-containing mineral resources. The realization of carbon neutrality requires the joint action of various technologies, among which four types of supporting technologies and one type of integrated technologies can be called "four beams and eight pillars". For example, the reconstruction of zero-carbon energy requires the support of various cutting-edge and high-end technologies, which is the focus of current domestic and foreign technology competition. Xu's report provides new ideas for the realization of low-carbon and zero-carbon in the field of new materials.

Li Beiguang, vice president of the National Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund, emphasized in a report titled "How 'Made in China' Forms Innovation System Effectiveness" from Innovation Activities" that the innovation system should match the complete industrial system of "Made in China". The system is the organizational guarantee for the smooth innovation process

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