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Ningbo Was Selected as a National Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration City

Yesterday, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ended the announcement of the third batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration lists. In this list, there are 5 Ningbo enterprises shortlisted. Relying on continuously exploring new development models and guiding manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the expansion and upgrading of service-oriented manufacturing, Ningbo has been successfully selected as a national-level service-oriented manufacturing demonstration city.

Service-oriented manufacturing is a new type of industry that integrates manufacturing and service. With the accelerated reconstruction of the global industrial chain and supply chain, how to guide enterprises to expand from processing and assembling to "manufacturing + service" and from simply selling products to "product + service" is the extension of enterprises to the high-end of the industrial chain. An important starting point is also an important way for Ningbo to move from a big manufacturing city to a strong manufacturing city and achieve high-quality development.

In recent years, by continuously guiding manufacturing enterprises to expand and upgrade to service-oriented manufacturing, Ningbo has emerged a number of excellent benchmarking and demonstration enterprises, forming a distinctive development path and development model.

Up to now, Ningbo has accumulatively selected 10 enterprises as national service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises, and has 44 provincial-level service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises, and a good service-oriented manufacturing ecology is taking shape.

"When traditional manufacturing is no longer the only driving force for a company to maintain its development, new services closely related to its main business have become a necessary factor for companies to achieve sustainable development. For Ningbo manufacturing, this is a must-go way. "The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology said that guiding companies to expand and upgrade to service-oriented manufacturing is to enable manufacturing companies to gain competitive advantages and transform the value chain from manufacturing-centric to service-centric.

According to the plan, in the next step, Ningbo will combine the characteristics of the local industry base, give play to the advantages of advanced manufacturing, accelerate the integration of supply chain, product chain, service chain, value chain, and factor chain, and further guide enterprises to expand and upgrade to service-oriented manufacturing. Ningbo is to explore and provide more service-oriented manufacturing high-quality cases and characteristic models for the whole country

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