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2017 International Island Tourism Conference to be held

The Beautiful Eastern Zhejiang report delegation was greeted by Zhouzhou and Shanshan, the mascots of the 2017 International Island Tourism Conference when they arrived in Zhoushan on July 23. This has been the second consecutive year for Zhoushan to host the conference, which has played an important role in building the tourism brand and attracting tourists for the city. The conference will be held from September 21 to 23 at the Zhujiajian Island, integrating 11 major activities and four supporting activities. Meanwhile, over ten routes of sea island tours will be recommended to promote the island tourism and the all-for-one tourism in Zhoushan.

As Ningbo is a close neighbor of Zhoushan, Ningbo citizens have taken the lead in enjoying the favorable conditions for tourism to Zhoushan and experiencing the island tours. As is known, from December 1 last year to January 25 this year, Ningbo citizens enjoyed the 50% discount or even free access to 32 scenic areas in Zhoushan with their ID cards. Statistics show that over 45,000 Ningbo citizens have got the preferential tourist treatment

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