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Meishan Initiated Tourist Resort Development

Recently, according to Beilun tourism department, Meishan has set about developing its tourist resort to transform it into a place with more comprehensive recreational functions from a mere scenic spot.

Meishan is located in the southeast Beilun, famous for its beautiful scenery, fresh air, outgoing people and rich resources. It has long enjoyed the reputation as a “green land”. In recent years, as the ¥100bn-worth island development program proceeded, various construction projects were initiated in Meishan, like the Meishan Bay Lanhai project, the China Port Museum, F2International Circuit, Waterfront Beaches, etc. It can be anticipated that in the near future, Meishan will become a vital tourist destination in the Yangtze River delta region.

Recently, an assessment panel of Zhejiang Tourism Bureau came to Meishan. It appraised the tourism resources in the area after visiting the core tourist attractions including Meishan Waterway and the Yangsha Mountain and also the construction sites of several vital recreation facilities like the circuit, beaches, etc.

After the field survey, the panel was introduced to the holiday resort under construction and then reviewed the factors contributing to its value, like its distinctiveness, reputation, quality and so on. Moreover, the panel also learned about the siting, development, environmental effect and land use concerns of the resort from relevant departments

“Meishan has unique tourism resources, suitable to develop a coastal holiday resort.”The outlook of Meishan’s tourism industry received unanimous praise from the panel which also suggested that Meishan should strive to improve the auxiliary infrastructure and quickly set up a management committee. According to the regular processes, an evaluation report on the value of the tourism resources in the resort will be announced several days after

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