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Six new forestry sightseeing garden areas approved

Zhejiang Forestry Department recently released the list of the 6th batch of forestry sightseeing garden areas, and the following six garden areas in Ningbo are included: Huchen Dongshan Eco-agriculture Sightseeing Garden in Ninghai County, Linjia Village Forestry Sightseeing Garden Area in Fenghua County, Meifeng Yunwu Tea Plantation Forestry Sightseeing Garden on the "ancient tea and horse road" in Ningbo, Xiangshan Folk Culture Village, Ningbo Baoguo Temple Scenic Spot and Persimmon Forest Sightseeing Garden Area in Yuyao County.

The assessment and approval system of provincial forestry sightseeing garden areas has been launched since 2006. So far, 26 forestry garden areas in Ningbo have passed the accreditation

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