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Ningbo received 393,500 tourists on September 30

As the first day of the Golden week and the first day of the holiday for free passage of private cars, September 30 witnessed many citizens conduct self-driving tours. The traffic pressure around Ningbo was not very heavy and everything was in order in all the major scenic areas in Ningbo.

The number of tourists to such hot scenic areas as Xikou Scenic Spot, Fenghuang Mountain Amusement Park, Dapeng Mount Tourist Resort, Cicheng Ancient town, Dongqian Lake Tourist resort and Ningbo Ocean World saw a slight increase, with tourists mainly coming from the nearby areas in Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Shanghai in self-driving tours organized by family, friends or self-driving clubs. The number of tourists to the Old Bund and Baoguo Temple in Jiangbei District and Haitian Island almost doubled that of usual days.

According to the statistics from Ningbo Municipal Tourism Bureau, the reservation rate of the 39 hotels in the A-level tourist resorts had reached 95% even six days before the golden week, and they are mainly reservations by families and individual tourists rather than tourists of package tours organized by travel agencies. To address such problems of large tourist flow and parking difficulty, the related governmental departments and the scenic spots themselves made a lot of preparations. During the Golden Week, the real-time information will be released online and in microblogs. Near the entries of all the scenic spots, there will be signs to keep tourists informed of the tourist volume in order to realize better tourists distribution. At the Cixi exit of free way, the maps covering the restaurants and parking lots in all the scenic spots in Cixi will be given to tourists. The management of scenic spots has increased the number of staff on duty to help the traffic police departments to guide the traffic and to borrow the roads, schools, factories and farm restaurants as temporary parking lots. The scenic spots authorities have also strengthened the maintenance of all facilities to guarantee a happy and safe Golden Week holiday for tourists.

On the first day of the holiday, scenic spots in Ningbo received 394,500 tourists, down by 25.5% over the same period last year. Specifically speaking, 37,100 tourists visited Xikou Scenic Spot, 35,400 tourists to Dongqian Lake Tourist Resort (including 10,500 people to the Youngor Zoo), 27,000 tourists to Cixi Bridge Eco-farm, 17,100 tourists to Jiufeng Mountain, 15,600 tourists to Dapeng Mount Tourist Resort, 15,000 tourists to the TV & Film City in Xiangshan, 14,700 tourists to Songlan Mount Tourist Resort, 10,100 tourists to Chinese Fishing Villiage and 10,000 tourists to Yangsha Mount Scenic Spot in Beilun District.

Ningbo Municipal Tourism Bureau urges the tourists to make sufficient preparation before setting out, such as the tour lines, examination and maintenance of the private cars, and necessary medicines, to avoid the peak periods and avoid the hot scenic spots.

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