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Invite You to Go Rafting on August 6th

Invite You to Go Rafting on August 6th

There is a growing tendency to rafting in the nature in such a burning summer. As Ningbo is a palace of abundant water resources and amazing views, Reindeer Station and Ningbo Travel Bureau are going to organize an activity of rafting

The rafting place is located in the famous Si Ming Mountain, Yuyao. It is surrounded by mountains with beautiful scenery. It has 3800 meters long and it takes around one hour and forty minutes. You’ll get close to the nature and have different experience during the adventure.

Before rafting, we are going to ‘DanShanChiShui’ It is a historical site with beautiful landscape, special stones, bamboo forests and old houses. You will have a good view and relax in the nature.

Then what comes up is the attraction of the local cuisine. It is time to have a different flavor of local farm product when you may get tired of hamburgers or coffee in the city. The perfect lunch offers your various dishes such as Chinese authentic Chickens soup, local fresh pork and green vegetables.

a)    Meet at Ningbo Travel Bureau (No.92,Da Sha Ni street) at 8:00AM
b)    Arrive at the SiChuangYan site at 10:00AM
c)    Enjoy the scenery of ‘Dan Shan Chi Shui(丹山赤水)’,10:00-10:30
d)    Lunch Time,11:30-12:30(at Residential house)
e)    Arrive at the place of rafting(四明山四窗沿漂流),12:30-12:45
f)    Start rafting for 105 minutes at 12:45
g)    Finish rafting and have a rest at14:30
h)    Start to go back Ningbo at 15:30
i)    Special Package Price 248 RMB per person: rafting ticket120, Danshanchishui site ticket50, lunch 40, bus ticket 35 and insurance 3
Alisa Chen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
139 5784 1323/1358 6949 385(We only have 13 tickets! Please e-mail me your name and your phone number before August 3th! Please call me if you have any questions!)
Please bring extra clothes because you’ll get wet easily1
Please deposit your valuable treasure such as bank card, cell phone, camera and cash etc.

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