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Cross-border E-commerce Job Fair held at college

The employment service month recruitment activity as well as the 2016 job fair for graduates, hosted by Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, was held in Ningbo University of Technology on November 28. At the fair, 5214 posts provided by 462 enterprises received 14,380 applications on the very day. 
"It was expected that about 420 enterprises would come to the fair, but actually 462 made it." said Liu Ailiu, Director of the Student Employment and Venture Center of the university. 
Besides such prominent local enterprises as Yinyi Property, Deli, Aux and Peacebird, some internet enterprises set up their stands at the fair, including the, and "The cross-border E-commerce internet enterprises have a great demand for the graduates majoring in foreign languages and foreign trade. With about 70 such enterprises, the talent demand has increased dramatically." said Liu Ailiu.
According to a Ms. Zhang from the human resources department of a foreign trade company, they had a large need for talents with the development to the cross-border E-commerce business in recent years. "We need talents of such majors as English, E-business and international trade, who have great abilities in written and spoken English. Besides the interviews, they have to pass out English tests."
Besides the special professional abilities, diligence has become an important factor for the recruitment. A recruitment poster of an import & export company wrote, "female, good at housework". How come the housework skill becomes so important? Ms. Luo from the company said, "As we know, many college students depend heavily on their parents in doing their own household chores. We have such a requirement because we think it is important for the graduates to have the ability to live independently and work independently."

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