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A large windmill installed on the banks of Meishan Port

Recently, a 6.25-megawatt wind turbine was installed on the bank of Meishan Port in Beilun, and technicians were debugging it on the top of the engine room.

It is learned that the wind turbine is part of the Meishan Low Carbon Wharf Demonstration Project's integrated wind and solar energy storage project. The entire project includes 5 wind turbines with a capacity of 6.25 megawatts each, a 1.72 megawatt photovoltaic project, a 1 megawatt/2 megawatt hour energy storage project, and supporting energy management systems. The wind and photovoltaic power generation of the project will be mainly for self-use, with the surplus power connected to the grid. After completion, the annual clean energy power generation can reach 59.17 million kilowatt hours, reducing 22600 tons annual carbon dioxide emissions

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