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Ningbo Zhoushan Port Reaches Throughput of 190 Million Tons

On April 4th, Ningbo Zhoushan Port Co.Ltd released its First Quarter Production Bulletin. From 1 to March, the cargo throughput reached 191.97 million tons, with an increase of 7.4% compared to the same period last year, and the container throughput was 6.837 million standard boxesTEUs, increased by 10.2% over the same period last year.

In 2018, Ningbo Zhoushan Port, as world’s first "10 million-ton port"  actively responds to the influence of cold air, low visibility and the Spring Festival holiday to maintain a rapid growth of port transportation production by snatching supply of goods and handling production scientifically.

In the first quarter, the total number of routes rose to 246, up by 3 over the end of 2017. A significant increase in major domestic business was observed. The import and export business of the Yangtze River was developed in line with Zhapu and Wenzhou routes. As a result, inland waterway imports and exports reached 198 000 TEUs with a year-on-year increase of 8.8%. Major sea-rail transport businesses in Zhejiang province enjoyed a sound development momentum while the volume of sea-rail transport services in Chongqing increased so significantly that the liners in Chongqing-Ningbo sea-rail combined services set sail every other day, transporting a total of 120 thousand TEUs in the first quarter, up by 45.4%.

As for the bulk cargo, the domestic stock of iron ore in port hit a record high, with supply exceeding demand. Ningbo Zhoushan Port Co.Ltd accomplished the unloading of 29.15 million tons of iron ore with an increase of 6.9% by virture of transiting capacity Shulang Lake ore transiting station and the combination of ore transiting ports of various capacity and different regions. Particularly, Shulang Lake ore transiting station completed the unloading of over 6 million tons, up 70% in 6 shipments of 400 thousand tons.

At the same time, Zhoushan Port gave full play to the advantages of "coal-mine linkage", acquiring more delivery orders from steel mills, thus finishing the unloading of 11.1146 million tons of coal in the first quarter, increased by 2.8% over the same period.

In the first quarter, the throughput of Meishan rolling-on trucks witnessed magnificent growth, totaling 16000 trunks, with an increase of 511% over the same period. Besides, it exceeds 10000 for the first time in March.


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