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Rapid decomposition of straw to lift the productivity of the land

After the harvest of early rice, the straw was smashed and evenly sprayed over the fields together with decomposing agents to raise the productivity of the land. The success of the experiment in Ningbo has brought an apparent increase in the organic matter in the earth, with production per mu increasing by 20 to 30 kilograms. Recently, related cultural departments on Ningbo held on-the-site conferences to spread the technology.

"Straw returning to the land is the re-use of waste resource, which reduces the emission of such greenhouse gasses as carbon dioxide and methane as well as adds to the nutrients of the earth," said Zhangshuo, a senior agricultural technician.

As for the farmers, the decomposing agents are easy to use and low in cost. "With this technology, there is less insect hazard and higher yield," said a farmer.

It is learned that as a comprehensive technology to raise the productivity of the land, the rapid decomposition of straw has been applied as a pilot experiment to over 20,000 mu of land in Ningbo.

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