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The “Reminiscence” intangible cultural heritage exhibition brand project

was selected as a national innovation case

A few days ago, it was learned from the Municipal Cultural Center (Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center) that the “Reminiscence” intangible cultural heritage exhibition brand project carefully created by the museum was successfully selected as the “2024 National Intangible Cultural Heritage Communication Innovation Case”.

Since its launch in 2017, the “Reminiscences” intangible cultural heritage exhibition has launched 30 exhibitions, including special exhibitions such as Ningbo Cultural Tourism Expo, China Ninghai Xu Xiake Open Tour Festival, China-Japan-Korea Lacquer Art Exchange Exhibition, and China Cultural Center Exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria and other international exchange exhibitions.

“The ‘Reminiscence’ intangible cultural heritage exhibition series is an intangible cultural heritage IP that we build based on local intangible cultural heritage resources, dig deep into the stories of Ningbo, and build around high-quality projects.” Kong Yan, director of the Ningbo Cultural Center, said.

Opening up the Cixi blue porcelain and Yue kiln celadon tour, holding the “Reminiscence” children’s intangible cultural heritage story telling meeting, and creating a “Reminiscence” intangible cultural heritage vehicle......In more than 7 years of practice, the exhibition space has been expanded from professional exhibition halls to scenic spots, business districts, and villages, and to public life. At the same time, intangible cultural heritage classes, interactive experiences and other activities are integrated into creative markets, pop-up exhibitions, etc., so that traditional crafts can truly enter the lives of the masses and become a cultural and artistic space that the public can visit, listen, learn and experience

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