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“Immersive experience” comes into fashion

As this year’s Mid-autumn Festival is quite close to the National Day holiday, the festive atmosphere is particularly strong. Various cultural activities have been launched in Ningbo, including artistic performances, intangible cultural heritage performances, calligraphy and painting exhibitions, China-Chic Music Festival, etc., adding cultural flavor to the holiday. Public cultural venues across Ningbo are receiving peak passenger flow, like the art galleries, libraries, museums, and cinemas, where immersive experiences have become a major highlight.

The special exhibition of “Major Achievements of Ancient Chinese Paintings” held at Ningbo Museum of Art, as the major event of the holiday, has not only been popular among local citizens but also attracted tourists from other places.

“We have done a lot of homework before we come to this exhibition, and the on-site experience is very shocking. This trip is worth it!” said Zhang Yan, a tourist from Guizhou Province.

“Overbooking” every day has become a recent “sweet burden” for the museum. It is learned that in order to meet the holiday cultural needs of the public, Ningbo Museum of Art has specially extended the opening time during the holiday, and will extend it to 10 pm today.

Visiting museums is a popular way for many citizens and tourists to celebrate holidays. This holiday, Ningbo Museum launched three major special exhibitions, attracting over 83,000 visitors within just six days, with a daily maximum of 15,900 visitors.

“This is the highest record since our opening”, said a related person in charge from Ningbo Museum. “During the holiday, we have extended the opening time to 9 pm and have arranged over 100 volunteers in multiple positions such as service, explanation, and photography.

The Tianyi Pavilion Museum, located by the Moon Lake, is bustling during the holiday. It has launched such activities as reciting ancient poems, opera flash mobs, traditional Chinese music performing, and traditional games, attracting many young people to experience traditional culture in their Han-style costumes and hair buns.

“We had a very busy holiday, with 87,200 visitors, an increase of 40% compared to the same period in 2019 and 182% compared to the same period in 2022”, said a person in charge from the Tianyi Pavilion Museum.

Citizens without traveling plans have entered the public cultural venues around them for a cultural “recharge”.

At the Xiongze Bookstore located in the Tianyi Square area, there are many readers. According to the store manager, the number of citizens and tourists in the bookstore during holidays has doubled.

On the afternoon of October 6, one could see in the new venue of Ningbo Library that such areas as the book borrowing area for adult readers, the children’s borrowing area, the maker space, and the special collection literature reading area were all fully occupied.

According to Xu Yibo, director of Ningbo Library, as of the afternoon of October 6, Ningbo Library has received a total of 54,500 readers, an increase of about 70% compared to the same period of 2022. A total of 94,000 books have been borrowed out by 25000 people, an increase of 18% and 27% respectively compared to the same period in 2022.

By 8 pm of October 5, the box office of Ningbo movie market had reached 29.3 million yuan, surpassing the total box office of 22.54 million yuan during the National Day holiday of 2022. 

The popularity of cultural events during the holiday embodies the public's demand for high-quality spiritual and cultural life. We will use a more diverse and popular way to make people feel the sense of gain and happiness brought by culture,” said a related person in charge from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television and Tourism

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