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Ancient Chinese Painting Exhibition goes viral

On the afternoon of September 9th, Ling Lizhong, Director of the Calligraphy and Painting Research Department of the Shanghai Museum, was invited to give a lecture in Ningbo to interpret the Yuan Dynasty ancient painting "Tour of Danshan" which depicts the beautiful scenery of Danshan and Chishui in Yuyao. This is the fifth lecture in a series of special lectures held by the Ningbo Art Museum for the " Exhibition of the Ancient Chinese Painting”, attracting many citizens to listen.

Through multiple efforts, Ningbo has introduced the "Exhibition of Great Chinese Painting in the Prosperous Era" to Ningbo. The exhibition features four major sections: "Inheritance and Protection," "Shared Treasures of Painting," "Boundless Realm of Innovation and Transformation," and "Transmission of Ink and Painting to the East". The exhibition covers an area of nearly 6000 square meters and showcases over 1600 published proofs of Chinese painting masterpieces. Both the exhibition area and the exhibited works have set a historical

record for Ningbo Art Exhibition. Since its launch at the Ningbo Art Museum on July 1st, the exhibition has received over 380 various groups from both inside and outside the province, with over 210000 visitors and nearly 900 volunteer lectures.

Citizens have a great enthusiasm for exhibitions, and on weekends, the number of visitors is often limited. During the summer vacation, there are many parents who take their children with them for a second or even a third visit. Citizens and tourists from other places are posting beautiful pictures on social media and share their viewing experiences

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