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Ningbo will hold warming-up sailing and volleyball competitions for Asian Games

Recently, the China Yachting Association has released the 2023 National Sailing Events Plan. Ningbo has become one of the host cities of sailing sports, and many large-scale competitive events will be settled in Ningbo.

It is learned that Ningbo, as the host city of the sailing and beach volleyball events of the Hangzhou Asian Games, will "make efforts" in these two events this year to warm up the Asian Games through a series of competitions.

Sailing: amateur and professional competitions complement each other

The sailing and windsurfing competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games was settled in the Xiangshan Asian Sailing Center, making Ningbo a hot city for domestic water sports this year. According to the "2023 National Competitive Sports Events Plan for Sailing" released by the China Yachting Association, many large-scale competitive events will be held in Ningbo this year.

"As the sub-competition areas of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Ningbo and Xiangshan will usher in the 'highlight moment' of the Asian Games, which is a very good opportunity to promote and popularize sailing and windsurfing," said the relevant head of the Ningbo Water Sports Association.

Among them, the "2023 China - Central and Eastern Europe International Sailing Race", which will be held in Dongqian Lake from May 19 to 21, is an IP event independently planned by Ningbo. At that time, sailors from Central and Eastern European countries will sail on the beautiful Dongqian Lake with keel boats. The event has been included in the 2023 General Administration of Sport's plan to hold international events in China and one of the key activities of civil diplomacy and cultural exchanges in 2023.

On June 3, another sailing event, "ILCA Sailing Asia Championship and Training Camp", will also be held on Dongqian Lake. In addition, there are domestic events such as the China Middle School Sailing Championships, the National Youth Sailing League sub-races, which will inject sports vitality into Dongqian Lake.

In August, the 2023 National Sailing Championships (ILCA4) and the ILCA4 preliminaries of the Youth Student Association will sail in Xiangshan. This race is also a test race of the Hangzhou Asian Games Sailing Race.

According to the calendar of "2023 China Family Sailing Race" issued by China Yachting Association, the first race of China Family Sailing Race will be held in Ningbo Bay, Fenghua District, on April 14. After that, the fifth stop of the "2023 China Family Sailing Race" will be held in Meishan Bay, Ningbo, on June 16.

In response to these competitions, the Ningbo Water Sports Association will also hold a number of public sailing events this year. It is learned that the association plans to hold a four-stop "Ningbo National Sailing Race", and will also make efforts to hold water sports races such as kayak, paddle and dragon boat.

Volleyball: There are also Olympic Qualification in addition to the Asian Games beach volleyball

In terms of volleyball, in addition to the Asian Games beach volleyball to be held in Xiangshan this year, the Paris Olympic volleyball qualification will be another major event to be held in Ningbo.

On March 8, the International Volleyball Federation announced the host countries of the 2024 Paris Olympic Qualification. Among them, the women's volleyball qualification will be held in China, Japan and Poland from September 16 to 24 this year, and the men's volleyball qualification will be held in China, Japan and Brazil from September 30 to October 8.

In the past two years, Ningbo has actively created an atmosphere for volleyball events. The Municipal Volleyball Association has organized a series of events, such as the 2021 "Dynamic Ningbo Warms up the Asian Games" University Beach Volleyball Competition, the 2022 "Welcome the Asian Games" Ningbo Binhai Sports Carnival Beach Volleyball Competition, and the Ningbo Amateur Volleyball League with the theme of "Welcome the Asian Games, Be a Good Host", and fully integrated the elements of the Asian Games into various events.

"This year is the year of the Asian Games, and we plan to hold nearly 20 events and activities, with the annual theme of 'Welcome the Asian Games and embark on a new journey'." Bao Shengji, secretary general of the Ningbo Volleyball Association, told reporters that warming up games such as the East China Air Volleyball Carnival and the Ningbo Coastal Beach Air Volleyball Invitational, will be held at the Banbian Mountain Beach Volleyball Asian Games venue, creating a strong atmosphere for the Asian Games.

In addition, the event plan of Ningbo Volleyball Association also includes the 12th International Amateur Volleyball Invitational Tournament of "Wuzhou Cup", the 3rd National Air Volleyball Invitational Tournament of "Daqi Cup", the 7th National Amateur Volleyball Invitational Tournament of "Yongyue Cup", and the 11th National Men's Amateur Volleyball Elite Tournament of "Xiaogang Cup"

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