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Nantang Old Street titled as “provincial tourist and leisure block”

It is recently learned from Haishu District Culture, Radio, Film and TV, Tourism and Sports Bureau that Nantang Old Street has been successfully selected as one of the second batch of provincial tourism and leisure blocks in Zhejiang Province, the only one in the city.

With seven cultural relics sites and over 30 time-honored brands, the one kilometer long main street epitomizes the traditional culture of Ningbo. As one of the eight major historical blocks in Ningbo, Nantang Old Street is a commercial block with historical and cultural characteristics, integrating historical relics, tourism, cultural leisure, local time-honored brands, famous and high-quality products, and home stay inns.

In order to speed up the integration of culture and tourism, Nantang Old Street has gathered a wealth of business forms in recent years, including five sectors: “local taste in Nantang Street{, “world of food”, “poetry and faraway places”, “home for  night owls” and

“space for rest and travel”. Through the introduction of cultural, commercial, tourism and other diversified formats, the block has attracted 143 brands, managing to meet the diverse consumption needs of citizens and tourists.

To spread the “intangible cultural heritage”, Nantong Old Street has attracted the settlement of more than 30 intangible cultural heritage brands and traditional snack shops, including Zhao Dayou Ningbo-style pastries, Ningbo Tangyuan, and handmade rice cakes. Meanwhile, Museum of Ningbo Traditional Cuisine, Museum of Ningbo Food Traditions and other exhibition places have become a window for tourists to learn about Ningbo’s intangible cultural heritage.

Reportedly, the Old Bund of Ningbo was included in the first batch of provincial tourist and leisure blocks last year. So with the Nantang Old Street, there are now two provincial tourist and leisure blocks in Ningbo currently

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