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Ningbo was selected as one of the first batch of quarter-hour convenience living circle pilots in China

Yesterday from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce was informed that the Ministry of Commerce in conjunction with relevant departments recently issued a document to determine the first batch of 30 quarter-hour convenience living circle pilot areas in the country, Ningbo was listed among them, the only one in Zhejiang Province.

 It is understood that the quarter-hour convenience living circle, is to serve the community residents, with a service radius of about 15 minutes' walk, to meet the residents' basic consumption of daily life and quality consumption as the goal, formed by a multi-format gathering of community shopping areas. The selection as a pilot is an affirmation of the fact that Ningbo has started the construction of a 15-minute business and convenience service circle since 2019 and is actively exploring ways to enhance business and convenience services.

 According to the current situation, scale and positioning of old and new communities, the city, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce and other departments, has divided the convenience service circle into neighborhood communities, neighborhood centers and neighborhood blocks to promote three modes of classification, making it clear that the convenience service circle in old urban areas is based on building neighborhood communities and increasing the concentration of commercial outlets, while the new urban living circle is based on building neighborhood centers and neighborhood blocks to achieve street-level community outlet distribution

and actively meet the six-in-one functional needs of "shopping, services, leisure, fitness, culture and social life".

 At present, the city has built 23 relatively sound 15-minute commercial and convenient service zones.

 In the next stage, the city will combine the renovation of old districts and the construction of future communities, highlight the hot spots of "convenience, benefit and welfare", actively implement pilot projects, guide the development of new businesses such as 24-hour branded chain convenience stores and "micro markets", improve the convenience, standardization, wisdom and quality of community commercial services, and strive to build more than 50 15-minute convenience service circles in line with the actual situation in Ningbo by 2025

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