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Ningbo sets targets for medical care reform

At the executive meeting of Ningbo Municipal Government held the other day, the Plan for the Medical Care Reform for the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period was adopted.

The plan specifies that the targets for the medical care reform during the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period should be: to improve the basic medicare insurance for urban and rural citizens, to improve the efficiency of the grass-roots public health services, to improve the institutions of the public hospitals, and to ensure the financing to the medical care reform. Concentrating on the improvement of the medical care system, the improvement of the mechanism for basic medicine, the improvement of new operation mechanism for grass-roots medical institutions and the reform of public hospitals, Ningbo will make 42 reforms in 9 categories.

In this year, Ningbo will focus on the following tasks: to promote the pilot reform of the county-level public hospitals in an all-around way to stop the institution of "increase the revenue of hospital by excessive sales of drugs"; to release policies to encourage private-funded medical services; to establish security mechanism for serious diseases; to have digitalized health archives of 70% of the urban and rural citizens and to increase 2,000 medical workers

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