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Import and export volume through Ningbo Airport

hits historical high

Import orders of fresh crayfish and eel came one after another; the high-end fruits such as cherry, mangosteen and durian were transported by charter flights; the electronic components and electrical equipment urgently needed by enterprises were quickly cleared through the customs and put into production. Last year, Ningbo Airport delivered a brilliant result, with a series of data showing signs of success. According to statistics from Ningbo Airport Customs, the import and export trade volume of Ningbo Airport reached 22.39 billion yuan last year, breaking through the 20 billion yuan mark for the first time and reaching a historic high, with a year-on-year growth of over 40%.

Ningbo Airport is an important customs clearance port for the import and export of fresh, live, and urgent products on the coast of the East China Sea. The expansion of international freight routes is the foundation for the trade volume to exceed 20 billion yuan.

In 2023, Ningbo Airport continued to expand its international freight routes, and on the basis of the existing flights to Manila, Los Angeles and Chicago, it gradually added all-cargo flights to Bangkok, Hanoi, Liege, Dubai, and Seoul. There are so far  12 international (regional) freight routes, with a maximum of 40 flights per week.

The main artery of airport logistics is therefore better in shape. According to statistics, last year, Ningbo Airport Customs supervised a total of 2,804 inbound and outbound all-cargo flights, a year-on-year increase of 82.9%.

The air passage for importing fresh goods to Ningbo is becoming larger and larger. Statistics show that in 2023, Ningbo Airport imported over 6,000 tons of fresh produce, up by 221% over the previous year, accounting for 32% of Ningbo Airport’s import cargo volume and becoming the main support for the airport’s import cargo.

The international customs transfer business has also been carried out smoothly. Last year, Ningbo Airport Customs supervised an international transshipment cargo volume of over 5,700 tons, a year-on-year increase of over 60%.

“To address the large amount of transit goods imported and exported on such cargo routes as Ningbo-Liege-Reykjavik and Ningbo-New York, we have implemented some convenient measures such as 24-hour appointment for customs clearance and special window declaration to ensure the ‘instant check and release’ and the daily customs clearance,” said Zhang Hua, head of the Logistics Monitoring Department of Ningbo Airport Customs.

At present, Ningbo Airport Customs has opened import and export transit services for enterprises between Ningbo and over 20 domestic cities like Shenyang, Chengdu, Urumqi, and Xianyang

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